Inspirational microscopic photograph of a Scabiosa crenata seed by Rob Kesseler. Photograph: Collection of Rob Kesseler/Phaidon

Stoddart Cottage Gallery is currently calling for submissions from artists for its July 2022 group show, Radical Botanical. The theme of the exhibition is plants, encouraging approaches that demonstrate critical, playful, or challenging engagements with the vegetal world.


These might include ecocritical perspectives arising from current threats posed by commercial exploitation, invasive species, and climate change. Relationships between humans and plants might be explored; reflecting the past, present, or imagined futures. Plants might be viewed through the lens of culture, such as te ao Māori perspectives and critiques of colonialism. They may be indigenous, introduced, or imagined; used for medicine, food, building materials, fabric or personal adornment. Different ways of looking at or representing plants may encompass choice of mediums, composition, or techniques. The approaches welcomed are as diverse as the plant kingdom itself.


While Stoddart Cottage Gallery is set up to display visual art - paintings, sculpture, botanical assemblage etc. - there may be the potential in this exhibition to include a limited number of art in other mediums, such as sound and video.


The exhibition will take place over the month of July in the Diamond Harbour birthplace of New Zealand botanical painter, Margaret Stoddart. Deadline for submissions is 31 March 2022. To make a submission, please send a document (ideally pdf) outlining your idea for or image of the proposed work/s, along with an artist bio/CV and examples of past work (which could be a single link to webpage/website) to gallery manager, Jo Burzynska: info@stoddartcottage.nz


If selected, the fee for exhibiting is $10 per artwork, with 20% commission taken by the gallery on sales.