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Stoddart Cottage is managed by a charitable trust as a social enterprise, in partnership with the Stoddart Cottage Gallery Craft Co-operative.

Provided are documents about history, administration, our collection and more.

Interpretive Booklets

Stoddart Cottage is historically significant as the oldest surviving dwelling in Diamond Harbour and the birthplace and early home of well-known Canterbury impressionist painter Margaret Stoddart and her family. Find out more here:

Annual Reports

Stoddart Cottage is owned by Christchurch City Council and leased to Stoddart Cottage Trust. Find out more about the heritage activities of the Trust here:

Stoddart Cottage Trust

Stoddart Cottage Trust (Charity Registration Number CC56095) was first incorporated in 1998. The original trust deed and a list of current trustees can be found here:

Our Collection

A small collection of artefacts associated with the history of Stoddart Cottage and the people who lived there are on display in the cottage. Some of the items came from the Stoddart family, others have been donated, and some have been found on site during earthquake repairs to the cottage. The Trust is in the process of cataloguing its collection and information will soon be available to researchers anywhere through the website e-hive.

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