Look Closer


6 – 26 June 2022

In Look Closer, Diamond Harbour artists Kira Aleksandrova and Ian Macleod invite viewers to contemplate the detail in their different styles of work. Aleksandrova (image below) largely paints in watercolour, actively embracing the spontaneity and unpredictability of this medium. Using a naturalistic style, she skilfully portrays the landscapes and nature of the South Island that inspires her. Macleod’s work (right) is influenced by abstract expressionism. Interested in capturing movement and energy, he creates predominantly small works in acrylic and ink that benefit from stepping up close to view.

Macleod _BASSON_ small.jpg

Kira Aleksandrova was born in Russia, where she trained in art. Despite this education, painting remained a hobby until she moved to Diamond Harbour two years ago, where she became re-immersed in her arts practice. Aleksandrova now primarily works in watercolour, with some acrylic, and is a member of the Stoddart Cottage Artisans. New Zealand-born, Ian Macleod has long pursued art as his main hobby. Well-travelled, he finds his themes in the world around him: from geographic maps to reflections of light. Within his work, the quest for harmonious compositional solutions is his greatest passion. Aleksandrova and Macleod are partners, who in recent years have exhibited their work at the First Steps exhibition at Linwood Arts Eastside Gallery exhibition and its Mini-Gallery, as well as locally in Diamond Harbour. This is their first exhibition at Stoddart Cottage.

Kira Aleksandrova - Lyttelton.view small.png