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1 Sept 2022

2 Oct 2022

Frances Malcolm

New Zealand’s native flora is magnified to reveal its full splendour in Frances Malcolm’s September exhibition of paintings at Stoddart Cottage Gallery. Developing her distinctive style over the last 15 years, Malcolm uses striking macro imagery in vibrant oils on large scale canvases. Playing with light, shape and form in her work, she counterpoises vivid realism with areas of ambiguity and intrigue.


Frances Malcolm is an Australian born artist, now residing in the Banks Peninsula, where she finds much of her inspiration. A trip to New Zealand saw her fall for the country and move here permanently in 2005. After gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, she went on to study for a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary). A qualified art teacher, Frances has taught across multiple Christchurch schools, whilst also raising a young family. Her current focus is the development of her own art practice, alongside sharing her skills through private art classes.


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