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31 Mar 2022

1 May 2022

Karen Gourley

In Closer to Nature, Diamond Harbour artist, Karen Gourley presents vivid and intimate portraits of the wildlife around her. Using soft pastels, she creates highly detailed and vibrantly coloured works in a realistic style that draw viewers into close emotional encounters with the birds and animals she depicts. She shares the natural elements that captivate her the most: from the intricate detail of a feather to an intense moment of wonder. Through this she seeks to encourage people to take a closer look at nature, creating empathy with a realm that is increasingly under threat.


Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and now living in New Zealand, Gourley studied art, art history, and photography, before later going on to pursue a career in accounting. She always kept her interest in art and photography alive, returning to painting in 2014 when she discovered soft pastels and decided to develop her work in this medium. Gourley began producing her own series of wildlife pastel paintings and taking commissions. Birds and wildlife, especially endangered species, are the main subjects of her art, with those of Diamond Harbour a regular source of inspiration.


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