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Set in a delightful sheltered garden, Diamond Harbour's oldest colonial home, birthplace of famous Canterbury impressionist

Margaret Stoddart, has been restored to its charming state.


​​The birthplace of one of New Zealand’s foremost 19th century artists, Margaret Stoddart, the cottage is situated at Stoddart Point, Diamond Harbour, Canterbury.


Open the public 10am to 4pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, most public holidays and at other times by arrangement.

A new art exhibition goes up in the main gallery every month, and a variety of locally handmade crafts are displayed in the Craft Co-op shop, so there is always something interesting to look at.

Friendly volunteers are in attendance to answer your questions about local history, the art and craft on display, or anything else you might want to know.

Come and explore inside and out and enjoy the colourful garden. With cafes, walks and swimming nearby, make your visit to Stoddart Cottage part of a day trip to sunny Diamond Harbour.

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