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Women's Work

31 May 2024

30 Jun 2024

Group Exhibition

Scarlett-Rose Adamson – Naomi van den Broek – Anita DeSoto – Raukohe Hallett – Turumeke Harrington – Hannah Harte – Janna van Hasselt – Sook Hwang – Maria Lee – Moana Lee – Herbert Stockman – Margaret Stoddart


Women’s Work is a group exhibition using a range of artforms and approaches to challenge the way women’s roles in society, and as artists, have been defined and limited. This group show weaves together work by women and nonbinary artists from a spectrum of backgrounds, ages, career stages and practices that present varied perspectives on women’s experience. Their work includes quilts, clothing, soft and hard sculpture, embroidery, photography, painting, collage, jewellery and installation.


Women’s Work celebrates the decorative and applied arts, such as textiles, weaving and ceramics, that were once were separated from Western conceptions of the so-called ‘high arts’ of painting and sculpture. It also provides provocations through the way the artists approach their material and subject matter: from delicate embroidery depicting emotions caused by exploitation, to a painting that adopts the style of Baroque masters in a feminist reframing of the role of a mythical woman.

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