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30 Sept 2023

1 Sept 2023

Rose Marie Salmon & Nathan Taare

Terrasol explores the connection between earth, rain, and human emotions through blending scent, ceramics and installation in an immersive multisensory encounter. Ceramic artist Rose Marie Salmon has created clay amulets that are infused with the Petrichord scent made by multimedia artist, Nathan Taare. Petrichord - which is also available as a limited edition Eau de Parfum at the exhibition - was inspired the smell of petrichor. Evoked by the aroma molecule, terrasol, petrichor is the earthy scent released when rain falls on dry earth, whose allure might lie in our reliance on rainfall for survival.


Nathan Taare (Ngāti Porou) is a multi-skilled artist hailing from Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. With a majority of his professional career in the film and television art department, Nathan transitioned into art direction and production design. He is a musician, experimentalist, and percussion specialist, who is also deeply entrenched in the realm of olfactory art and perfumery. Throughout his creative journey, Taare has consistently pushed boundaries and sought new avenues of expression in his boundary-breaking and sensorially engaging art.


Napier-born Rose Marie Salmon works from her home studio in Ōhinehou Lyttelton, primarily with ceramics, embroidery and jewellery. Preoccupied with the mystery and powerful nature or potential malevolence of the natural world and humans place within nature, she thinks deeply about the socio and political situations of the world, striving to imagine and then create artefacts for an imagined positive future. Salmon has exhibited her work in Aotearoa and Australia, and also works internationally in television and film, creating sets and costumes.

Image from City Gallery Wellington 2022: Cheska Brown.

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