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Stitched Emotion II

6 Jan 2022

30 Jan 2022


In Stitched Emotion II, textile artist Sook Hwang uses fabric dyeing and freehand machine embroidery to process and narrate human emotions and feelings. She uses her work to express extreme opposites of emotional states; juxtaposing optimism through her regular use of rich colours, with the harsher complexities of feeling suggested by coarse-grained materials, such as raw silk. She uses the stitches of her intricate embroidery to bring these forces together in “a point of magical fusion”.


Korean-born Sook Hwang has worked as a fabric artist for many decades, creating detailed and complex works that can take many months to complete. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Arts from University of Wollongong, and now lives in Cass Bay. Prior to the earthquakes she worked from a studio in the Arts Centre.


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