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Nine Lives

4 Jan 2024

28 Jan 2024


Nine Lives is a self-referential, collaborative installation of objects, created by an artist collective that work across a diverse range of artistic disciplines; such as ceramics, painting, drawing, jewellery and textile design. The objects are brought together to explore rituals of friendship. Rituals developed, and still evolving, through the group’s communal baking and eating, tramping and adventuring on the Banks Peninsula, all which continues to inspire each of their artistic practices.


Highlighting the overlap between life and art, the work in this exhibition portrays an abundant table setting, evoking a history of the feasts amongst friends. The feast table is set with a collection of gathered trinkets and sketches, walking cloaks, useful tools, bowls and plates; all talismans representative of the artists and their adventures.


The Ripon Street Collective is Greg Yee, Kate Watts, Lucy Dolan Kang, Lisa Patterson, Nichola Shanley, Marie Le Lievre, Donna Hughes, Jen McBride and Tash Mansbridge. Established in 2018, this group of nine artists meet regularly and participates in events that support each other and the wider arts community that they belong to in Ōtautahi, Ōtepoti and Ōhinehou. This will be their first exhibition as a collective, fittingly in the historic Stoddart Cottage, given that the collective like Margaret Stoddart, have an interest in the beauty of the natural world and encouraging artistic connections.

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