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4 Aug 2023

27 Aug 2023

Veronica Ek & Olga Parr

In Ephemeral, artists Olga Parr and Veronika Ek present states of transience, both human and in the natural world. Ek uses photography to draw attention to the nature, light and tranquility of the Banks Peninsula, while Parr, captures moments of passing emotion and natural beauty in pastel, watercolour, charcoal and ink. Both artists are also united in their embrace of aspects of minimalism: Ek in landscapes themselves and Parr in her regular use of empty space.


Veronica Ek is a mixed media artist whose practice spans painting and photography. She moved to New Zealand from Norway six years ago, and was immediately inspired by the Banks Peninsula landscapes that feature in this exhibition. While recent years have seen her focus on her paintings, in Ephemeral she presents the stunning photographs that inspired them. Through these images of nature she seeks to convey a sense of calm and tranquility.


Born in St Petersburg, and living in multiple countries before settling in New Zealand, Olga Parr exchanged her initial career in astronomy for creative work that spans photography, teaching, illustration and graphic design, and her own arts practice. Working predominantly with pastel and watercolour, Parr is interested in celebrating the beauty of ephemeral moments. Parr is the recipient of numerous arts awards, and has her artwork in private collections in Russia, Europe, Japan, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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