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5 Aug 2021

15 Aug 2021

Diamond Harbour Camera Club

Every year members of Diamond Harbour Camera Club make a field trip into Christchurch, witnessing and recording the fast-changing city landscape year-on-year. Through these annual recovery walks documented in the exhibition, Rebuild Refocused its photographers have discovered hidden alleyways full of colour emerging onto wide, paved and planted social spaces flanked by new, innovative buildings and the few period buildings still standing tall. The exhibition features images of architecture both new and old, vivid street art, colourful lit night scenes, and the plantings of the cityscape.


Club members have been guided around the city by a fellow member closely involved in the rebuild, who has shared the complexities of planning decisions that are incurred when a rebuild of this magnitude is undertaken. Rebuild Refocused provides an insight into the progress made over the decade since the earthquakes, cataloguing the evolution of the urban space into a remodelled city for the future.


Diamond Harbour Camera Club celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year with a membership of over 40 passionate photographers ranging from enthusiastic amateurs to accomplished professionals. Many genres of photography are explored at monthly meetings with visiting guest speakers, at club workshops, and on varied field trips. The club produces an annual calendar showcasing images of our stunning harbour surrounds that has proved popular with the local community and beyond.

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